President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday warned foreigners against interference in Kenya's affairs.

The Head of State was speaking in Nairobi where he cautioned foreign entities from trying to control Kenya adding that every country has its challenges.

"We appreciate the officers of the UN and all our development partners… but Kenya has its owners… please refrain from interfering or trying to direct us in which way we should go…mtuheshimu ndio tuwaheshimu, kila mtu ako na shida zake," Uhuru said.

He also addressed graft allegation in Kenyan institutions and called on authorities to intensify their efforts in preventing the loss of taxpayers funds.

"... this is not a time for business as usual. I call upon all internal units and external agencies to exercise heightened vigilance and oversight to ensure that funds are used prudently and lawfully," the president said.

On the Covid-10 situation in the country, Uhuru admitted that the country needs to do better and support the healthcare systems.

"The pandemic has underscored the urgent need for Kenya to revitalize our health and welfare systems; establish a more progressive, effective, agile and sustainable safety net that meets the fast changing needs of both current and future generations," he said.

Kenya on Thursday reported the highest number of recoveries in a single day since the pandemic struck the country in March.

In a statement, MoH CAS Rashid Aman said 86,383 people have so far contracted the disease in Kenya.