The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) secretariat has announced the end of the signature collection process. 

According to the Secretariat, a total of 5.2 million signatures have been collected over the past week. 

Speaking on Friday while marking the end of the exercise, ODM leader Raila Odinga stated that the signatures could as well hit the six million mark.

Dennis Waweru, the BBI secretariat co-chair, stated that the signatures would be submitted to the Independent Electoral Commission in the next one week for verification.

“In the next week, we’re going to ensure that the signatures have been submitted to IEBC. We have already put in places a digital mechanism to capture the signatures in the format approved by IEBC within the short time possible,” Waweru said.

The team noted that the exercise was conducted and completed without any hitches across the country.

The signatures were delivered to the secretariat from at least 16 regional coordinators who spearheaded the process.

The signature collection exercise in support of the BBI referendum came to an end today ramping up the country to the next phase of verification by IEBC.

The Constitution of Kenya Amendment Bill 2020 will then be taken to the 47 county assemblies before subjecting it to debate in the national assembly.