There was drama in Voi town after a police vehicle with over 40 suspects arrested for allegedly violating Covid-19 guidelines was involved in an accident.

According to witnesses, the accident was as a result of over speeding that saw the driver lose control of the vehicle, forcing it to veer off the road.

Following the accident, some of the arrested suspects were injured with residents ganging up against the police.

In a video doing rounds on social media, the residents can be seen shouting at the police while some of the suspects lay on ground with injuries.

The incident elicited massive reactions with police accused of being arrogant and rough especially when dealing with petty offenders.

Meanwhile, the National Police Service recently launched a nationwide crackdown for violators of Covid-19 guidelines set by the government.

The move is aimed at enhancing public safety and reducing spread of the Covid-19 virus.

While announcing the crackdown, Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai noted that anyone found guilty will be fined Sh20,000 on the spot as there are no adequate facilities to hold all offenders.

Here is a video of the incident: