A report by Reuters has exposed the government in regards to the death of Dr. Stephen Mogusu.

According to a report by the media outlet, Mogusu’s body is still lying in the hospital morgue instead of being released to his family. The government had earlier indicated that it will take care of Mogusu’s bill.

The development was confirmed to Reuters by the Kenya Medical Association. Reuters notes that Mogusu’s widow, another doctor have been unable to pay the hospital bill of more than Sh1 million. 

Mogusu was employed on a temporary contract but was never paid for the five months and he worked in a COVID-19 ward in Machakos. 

Following his death, the government promised to take care of Mogusu’s hospital bill immediately. However, by press time, the government, through the ministry of health, had not communicated.  

KMPDU had called on the government to foot the late medics hospital bill.  

Due to the late payment, Mogus’ss stated that he was unable to provide for his family by the time of his Monday death. 

KMPDU notes that Mogusu’s family are the latest victims of a healthcare system that is sending medical staff to treat COVID-19 patients without adequate protection. 

Mogusu is the 14th doctor to die of the virus since it was detected in Kenya in March, according to the Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU). 

The ministry is yet to comment on the progress of paying the bill.  

Earlier on, KMPDU had called for a nationwide medic strike due to a lack of adequate Personal Protective Equipment.