Members of the National Assembly Public Investment Committee heard how a 27-year-old woman landed a Ksh4 billion tender with Kemsa.

Margaret Muchemi walked into the Kemsa offices in Embakasi with a letter of intent to supply personal protective equipment (PPE).

By evening, she walked out with a tender to supply Sh4 billion worth of PPE awarded to Kilig Limited, a company she worked for.

Reports indicated that the company's ownership changed hands four times in four months.

Ms. Minyow refused to name former directors of the company saying doing so would go against a commitment she signed with her clients when she was their legal officer before later assuming the role of director.

She was given three minutes to reveal the people who sold the company to her and Minyow requested for time to call the directors. Ten minutes, Ms. Minyow came back to the hearings and told MPs that the directors have warned her against naming any of them .

Faceless directors

“I have spoken to one of them who has told me not to divulge any information on the original owners. I cannot reach the other director because he is outside the country,” Minyow told the MPs.

MPs, however, did not let her response slide, they pressed her for answers only for her to reveal two directors of the company.

The original owners who registered Kilig were Wilbroad Gatei Gachoka and Zhu Jinping, a Chinese national.

These two initial directors later sold the company to other people who the committee was not told.

The faceless directors later sold the company to Mr. Wanjala who finally transferred full ownership to Ms. Minyow.