Kirinyaga Governor Ann Waiguru has addressed the state of her relationship with Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua.

The two leaders were fierce contestants for the county’s gubernatorial race.

Speaking on Thursday, Waiguru stated that she has nothing personal against Karua as she values her as a pioneer female leader.

According to Waiguru, she has never demeaned Karua as a leader.

“You’ll never find me fighting a woman. Much as the political outcome in the tight gubernatorial race escalated into a tough court battle, I didn’t utter any word that would hurt or show any form of disrespect towards Martha Karua. She is one of the pioneer women leaders in our country and she ought to be respected,” Waiguru said.

Waiguru who was speaking at her rural home called on women to stand by one another by learning how to draw a line between politics and personal affairs as each person has a right to express her political views.

“How men play politics is very different. They express their differences openly but behind the scenes, they are very great friends. That’s maturity, and we women leaders should learn from that. Let us not personalize our differences. Let us lift one another and always rush to defend one of our own when subjected to shame. We are too few to pull each other down,” said Waiguru.

Waiguru was speaking to a group of upcoming young women leaders from Mt Kenya region dubbed 'Daughters of the mountain’ where she was crowned as the group’s chief patron.

She promised to use her newly acquired platform to mentor the group on leadership matters.

Waiguru also called on the women to support the BBI proposals as it will help unite the country.

“The BBI will help tackle gender inequality that has not had a cure for a long time. It will ensure Mt Kenya region have a representative at the topmost leadership arm of the government which will thereafter translate into exponential growth in the entire region,” she said.

Waiguru also praised President Uhuru Kenyatta for living up to his constitutional mandate of ensuring peace exists in the country through the BBI initiative.