President Kenyatta has ordered the Ministry of Education to be adequately prepared as schools reopen in January 2021 amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking on Saturday during the Jamhuri Day Celebrations, Uhuru stated that the government is on course for the resumption of learning in all classes on January 4, 2021, with the safety of our learners being the top priority.

He directed the Interior ministry through chiefs and their assistants to account for all school-going children by ensuring they report back to the learning institutions.

"All parents and guardians are required to facilitate their children to resume learning in January 2021. To ensure compliance, I direct the Ministry of Interior through chiefs and assistant chiefs account for all children within their jurisdictions," Uhuru said.

The president further directed the Ministry of Education to publicise Education Policy on school re-entry to facilitate re-admission of those who may not be able to report back due to pregnancy.