The government has confirmed the number of Kenyans who will receive free Covid-19 vaccination.

This comes as some countries begin mass vaccination of their citizens.

According to Dr. Collins Tabu from the Ministry of Health, once the vaccine is available, about ten million Kenyans will benefit from it freely.

“Kenyans will be able to access the vaccine whether they can pay or not. I am able to say that confidently,” said Tabu.

According to Tabu, the ministry is ready to handle, store, and distribute the vaccines once available in the country.

Tabu said the country is assured of getting doses enough to cover 10 million Kenyans through the World Health Organisation-led COVAX Facility.

The official added that Kenya is expecting to have the vaccines by January next year.

“By then, things will be clear, but we are open to other options as they become available,” he added.

First to be vaccinated will be health workers, followed by the elderly.

“As more doses become available, security agencies will be considered as well as those in schools,” said the official.

Currently, there are about 40,000 health workers and about two million elderly Kenyans aged over 60 years, according to national statistics records.

Tabu assured Kenyans that the country is prepared to undertake the exercise in its 10,000 health facilities.