Former Chief Justice Dr Willie Mutunga has faulted President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga over their approach to the Building Bridges Initiative.

The former CJ told the media that the conversations on unity were meaningless if one leader is left out in the debate. 

According to Dr Mutunga, the only interesting element in the BBI is the idea of having a  national discussion on the country's future but it seems to have vanished.

"The only thing about BBI that I liked is where they said they are going to call for a national conference for all of us and we focus on where Kenya would be in 100 years. That is what excites me.

"But the other things, unity; you cannot talk about unity if Ruto is not there," stated Dr Mutunga.

He attributed the existence of rifts in the country to myths created by leaders. He went further to note that Kenyans are divided by their leaders.

"We have taken to their myths. Are we going to talk about how Raila speaks to the dead? That is a myth. It exists. If he goes to a funeral, he goes to the coffin, raises his flywhisk and leaves his message to the dead so that they can tell other out there," cited Mutunga.

He described the Uthamaki concept, saying leaders like President Uhuru were powerful and had the power to influence public perception.

President Kenyatta and the ODM leader have been keen on implementing the BBI ahead of the next general elections.

Various leaders have questioned the intent of the process that has mostly excluded Deputy President William Ruto.

DP Ruto has consistently told the country that BBI was not a priority.