The Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) has once again postponed the opening of a new bus terminus around the city’s Central Business District (CBD) to January 2021.

Initially, the terminus was supposed to be complete on December 14, in a bid to decongest the city. 

According to the NMS, works at the bus green park terminals has taken longer than expected. 

The green park terminus, commonly known as Railways, can contain 110 matatus with a specific lane dedicated to Public Service Vehicles (PSVs). 

Notably, matatu stakeholders have raised concerns if the limited capacity will accommodate all the matatus. 

NMS was also building another terminus at the junction of Bunyala and Workshop Roads. The terminus will serve matatus plying Mombasa Road.

PSVs from the Mt Kenya region that originally terminated at Tea Room, Accra Road in the CBD, will now move to the new Desai and Park Road termini.

The Muthurwa terminus is expected to remain as it serves PSV from Jogoo and Lusaka roads.

Although NMS continues to plan on decongesting the city, the agency has not addressed some concerns regarding the current terminus state.

For example, the Muthurwa terminus is known for its insecurity and traffic snarl-ups. By press time, the terminus had not been maintained by the county government.