Police are following two critical leads in the investigation seeking to unravel how billionaire Manu Chandaria was robbed of jewelry worth Sh600,000. 

According to investigators, they are looking at how dogs linked to a security company guarding the home were poisoned and died.

The police are also looking at how guards were removed from the compound last week and later replaced by two who were found tied in a room following the robbery.

Investigators are looking at why the guards were removed amid claims they could have been involved in the robbery.

Deputy Inspector General of Administration Police Noor Gabow who visited the home assured Chandaria of their safety stating that police officers will be on guard

Gabow said they are investigating the incident to establish those behind it. He said at least three officers would be guarding the compound henceforth.

Reports indicate that a gang of eight people raided the compound in a dramatic incident and robbed the cash and jewelry family.

It is not clear how they gained access to the compound and later to the house. The police officer and two guards on duty were found tied in a room but without uniforms, as it should be.

Chandaria told police he heard a loud bang and when he woke up to check what had happened, he found two men in his bedroom.

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have launched investigations to establish whether it was a case of conspiracy or an ordinary robbery due to the officers' negligence.