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According to Ahmednasir, Raila's best option is without Uhuru's support.

Renowned Kenyan lawyer Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi has weighed in on the 2022 elections, explaining scenarios that could work well for ODM leader Raila Odinga and Deputy President William Ruto should they vie for the Presidency.

In a couple of tweets on his official handle, the Senior Counsel argued that the former prime Minister stands a higher chance of winning without the support of the president.

According to him, Raila should cut links with the President to bolster his chances of having a good run in 2020, if he decides to vie for the top seat.

Addressing DP Ruto’s 2020 chances, Ahmednasir opined that he stands a higher chance of winning in without the support of President Kenyatta.

 “The biggest threat to DP Ruto's chance in 2022 is for H.E Uhuru to make up with him and support him. (Ruto is stronger without Uhuru).The best chance Hon Raila has for 2022 is to break up with Uhuru, fight him, find his voice and get back his mojo. (Raila is stronger without Uhuru),” he tweeted.

Ahmednasir on Uhuru’s Best 2022 Option

Addressing what will work well for President Kenyatta, Ahmednasir noted that he should not support Ruto or Odinga. The Senior Counsel opined that the Head of State needs to find a third alternative.

“H.E Uhuru will be most effective in the 2022 scenarios if he supports a third candidate other than DP Ruto and Hon. Raila...a greenhorn (i.e Dr. Fred) will give him and his message some traction and credibility...” he added.