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"This is making the lives of hustlers more difficult than they found it before elections," Junet Mohamed.

National Assembly Minority Whip Junet Mohamed Whip Junet Mohamed has asked President William Ruto to lower the Hustler Fund interest rate from 8 percent to 1 percent if he wanted to help Kenyans. 

Speaking in Parliament on Wednesday, November 30, Junet stated that by giving Kenyans the funds with an interest rate of 8 percent, it was going to make their lives even more difficult.

"There are cooperatives lending at 8 percent in this country and even lower than that. Why don't you make the interest rate 1 percent if you want to change the lives of Kenyans? Junet posed.

The Suna East MP further challenged the Head of State to strengthen the available credit platforms and make them interest-free.

President William Ruto during the launch of the Hustler Fund.

"This is making the lives of hustlers more difficult than they found it before elections.  We have so many funds in this country. We have Youth fund, Women fund, Uwezo Fund. What is the point of creating a fund in the name of your campaign slogan? Why don't you strengthen those funds by putting more money and make them interest-free?" Junet posed.

President Ruto launched the Hustler Fund on Wednesday at the at Green Park Terminus, Nairobi, maintaining that no Kenyan will be excluded from the Fund.

He said that even loan defaulters who had been locked out of credit platforms will access the funds, maintaining that the government was giving them a second chance.

"We said in the Hustler Fund nobody will be excluded as everyone will be given a chance. I want to ask those of you who will be given a second chance, please do not abuse that second chance," the president said.