Editor's Review

Kenyans have noticed that while registering for the Hustler Fund, the application is requesting your Mpesa pin. 

President William Ruto on Wednesday, November 30, launched the much-awaited Hustler Fund. 

The Head of State noted that the fund would benefit more than 15 million Kenyans adding that it would also liberate people from predatory lenders. 

“We are establishing a culture of saving, investment, and social security,” President Ruto stated. 

Immediately after the launch, Kenyans began to register for the fund by dialling *254# from any of the three mobile phone network providers.

However, Kenyans noticed that one was required to provide his/her MPesa pin during registration. Nairobileo.co.ke indeed confirmed that your MPesa pin is one of the requirements while registering for the Hustler Fund loans. 

A section of Netizens was quick to ask why the application required your MPesa pin arguing that they are different platforms. 

Another section claimed that it was a breach of data privacy claiming that the two should have different pins since their separate applications. 

Another asked what was the connection between MPesa and the Hustler fund. One Kenyan asked Fintech experts to explain why the Hustler Fund application would ask for your MPesa pin while other digital lending apps don't. 

Here are the reactions;