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The DPP has already withdrawn murder charges against Sarah Cohen, wife of the late Tob Cohen.

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji has ordered for a public inquest into the murder of late Tob Cohen.

In a statement on Thursday, December 1, the DPP said that the public inquest was meant to uncover the persons behind the murder of the Dutch businessman.

The DPP, through his assistant Jacinta Nyamosi, further said that the public inquest will provide a platform for anyone with useful information regarding the murder to avail the information.

"The DPP decided that a public inquest be held with the aim of uncovering the persons behind the gruesome murder of the late Tob Cohen.  The public inquest provides a platform for any person with information that may be useful to unravel the murder to avail that information through a judicial process," read part of the statement signed by Nyamosi.

Nyamosi further stated that the public inquest will not bring a closure to the matter but will aid investigators and prosecutors in coming up with a solid case in any event.

Tob Cohen (now deceased) and his wife Sarah Cohen. PHOTO | COURTESY

The DPP stated that according to statements by the police, police officers in civilian clothes visited the late Cohen's compound but the identity of the officers and purpose of the visit is unknown.

The order by the DPP comes after he withdrew murder charges against Sarah Wairimu Cohen, wife of the late Cohen, who was accused of killing the Dutch businessman.

Wairimu was facing murder charges following the death of Cohen, whose body was discovered in a septic tank in their compound in the couple’s Kitisuru home.

She was arrested but later released on bond after denying the murder charges.

Cohen died in Nairobi on an unknown date between July 20 and September 13, 2019.