Editor's Review

"Had Ruto been honest about the BBI proposals, everything he has suggested in his memorandum would be law today."

ODM leader Raila Odinga has now turned the heat on President William Ruto over his proposed constitutional amendments.

In a detailed statement, the Former Prime Minister accused the President of dishonesty saying the very issues he is raising were well captured in the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

He said the President has puzzled him with his proposal given that these are the things he opposed before clinching the presidency.

The ODM leader now wants the President to follow the very steps that the Supreme Court directed on any constitutional amendments.

Here is Raila's detailed statement:

The memorandum of His Excellency Hon. William Ruto to the speakers of both the National Assembly and the Senate proposing several amendments of the Constitution of Kenya is puzzling to many Kenyans and myself as it undoubtedly seeks to re-introduce the same matters that had for many months been suggested by the Building Bridges Initiative.

For a similar period, the same had been vehemently opposed by Mr. Ruto when he went around the country campaigning in the years 2018-2021.

President William Ruto. PHOTO | FILE

I find it puzzling because the memorandum presents these proposals without any recognition that the BBI reports, which are official government documents, contain all these proposals coupled with the rationale why these suggestions had been found to be necessary by the people of Kenya who participated in the process.

Instead, Mr Ruto has appropriated the views of these people and speaks of the proposals as his own.

But further than that, he falls foul of the same demands he made in making these proposals and used to lead the challenge against BBI.

These demands, all stated personally by himself, are:

"That a president cannot initiate constitutional amendments.That all proposals for amendments to the Constitution must start with the people.That the process of amendment must be people driven.That the amendments must chiefly centre on the interests of the common mwananchi."

Had Ruto been honest about the BBI proposals, everything he has suggested in his memorandum would be law today.

I will not be hypocritical about his memorandum as far as the content of the proposals is concerned because these are in truth BBI proposals.

However, they cannot be presented as he has done nor can they be processed through the procedure that he is prescribing.

He must comply with the same imperatives that he demanded of the BBI process.

On return from the US, we will continue consultations with the leadership of Azimio, the legal team and the people of Kenya to agree on how to deal with this about-turn by Mr. Ruto, on top of the resolutions passed at our December 7, Kamukunji forum.