Editor's Review

  • Elachi resigned from the County Assembly after a long tussle with MCAs.
  • She has cited Sonko's character as the most undoing. 

Former Nairobi County Speaker Beatrice Elachi has said Governor Mike Sonko's character has led to his impeachment. 

According to Elachi, Sonko is a poor listener who will do anything to demean people around him.

Elachi notes that impeachment is a perfect opportunity for Sonko to face the music.

"This is not just about the Senate, God is not happy, and the governor must face that reality. All he has been doing is using intimidation and blackmail while doing things the wrong way," Elachi said.

Speaking on Thursday, Elachi said Sonko has been joking with a position bestowed to him.

"He must now understand that is not a court process but a political issue, and as a matter of fact, you cannot appear before a court when you have not wronged," she said.

She added that Sonko must look at the journey he has walked and reflect on what he has done wrong.

 "Sonko has been doing an injustice to the people of Nairobi by using tactics to survive while using money to buy everything and everyone," Elachi said.

While appearing before the Senate on Thursday, Sonko dismissed the allegations leveled against him by MCAs as political and driven by malice and character assassination.

Sonko denied diverting Sh297 million meant for bursaries for needy students in the county.

By press time, the impeachment hearing was still ongoing.