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The anti-corruption court has delivered a ruling on the former Nairobi Governor's Sh20 million corruption case.

The anti-corruption court has acquitted former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko in his Sh20 million graft case, where he was accused of embezzling public funds.

In a ruling on Wednesday, December 21, the court ruled that the prosecution did not prove the charges against the former county boss.

The court further ruled that the case against Sonko was not properly investigated.

Speaking to the media after being acquitted, the former governor said that he had gone through a lot in the corridors of justice, adding that God had done him justice.

"Niko na raha sana kwa sababu yale makosa tumeshtakiwa nayo leo Mungu ametufanyia haki na tumeachiliwa. Hii kesi imekuwa na drama nyingi sana lakini leo Mungu amaefanya kazi yake na mimi nashukuru na naambia wakenya waendelee kutuombea hizo kesi zngine zimebaki Mungu atende haki," Sonko stated.

Mike Sonko. IMAGE/FILE

Sonko's lawyers claimed that the case was ill-conceived and maliciously prosecuted, and that was why there was a lot of drama and a long trial.

Sonko was alleged to have conspired in the embezzlement of public funds amounting to Sh20 million while he was the governor of Nairobi before being impeached.

The former lawmaker is also struggling with other cases in court.

The graft cases saw Sonko and his wife get banned by the United States government from setting foot in the US.