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The renowned political analyst has claimed that Kenyans will be the enemy of the president.

Renowned political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has claimed that Kenyans will be the enemy of President William Ruto.

In a tweet on Friday, January 6, Ngunyi said that the Head of State's economic models are bold but not popular.

The political analyst claimed that politics is driven by popular choices and failure to balance it with the bold economic choices, there will be a revolution.

"The enemy of William Ruto will be the people. His economic models are bold. Not popular. Economics is about bold decisions. Politics is driven by popular choices. Failure to balance the two will lead to revolt. The masses are irrational. You remove subsidies, you create enemies," Ngunyi tweeted.

President William Ruto.

His remarks come even as President Ruto holds a cabinet retreat in Nyeri County.

On day two of the retreat, the president asked the Cabinet to act fast to deliver on the administration's development programmes.

He said that his administration made promises to Kenyans, and they must be implemented quickly and effectively without any excuses.

"We made important promises to the people of Kenya, especially those at the bottom of the economic pyramid. And we must deliver. There are no excuses; we must work as a team and drive the interests of the people,” President Ruto said.