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The move comes in the wake of rising cases of fraudsters masquerading as journalists.

The Media Council of Kenya (MCK) on Friday, January 27,  announced plans to recall all accreditation cards.

The move comes in the wake of rising cases of fraudsters masquerading as journalists.

In a bid to tame the rising cases of fake journalists, MCK says the existing accreditation cards have to be canceled to allow for the creation of new press cards.

"Media Council of Kenya to recall all accreditation cards in a bid to contain fraudsters posing as journalists.

New Press Cards to have additional features including a barcode and QR code that can be scanned using any smartphone," MCK stated. 

File Image of journalists at work. 

The MCK on Friday organized a meeting with industry stakeholders to deliberate on the matter and agree on the way forward regarding fake journalists. 

It is during the meeting g that it was agreed the existing press cards be recalled.  On Thursday, MCK said it had launched a fresh war against quack journalists. 

In a statement, MCK Chief Executive Officer David Omwoyo said the matter has come to their attention prompting call for action. 

He lamented that many fraudsters disguising as journalists have been thronging press conferences to extort money and even harass professional journalists. 

"It has come to our attention that there is an escalation of fraudsters masquerading as journalists and media practitioners who get access to events with intention to extorting and harassing people," MCK said.

The Move by the MCK comes after journalists in the field raised concerns over rising cases of cons disguising them. 

These fraudsters often throng events as journalists and end up soliciting money from event organisers with a promise that they will cover their event. 

"The Council is committed to fostering a conducive working environment for journalists and media practitioners through improved standards and constantly engaging relevant stakeholders to address pertinent issues affecting the sector," MCK added.