Editor's Review

  • Julius Wambua has been in prison for almost a decade.
  • Following his release, Wambua stated that he had no means of starting over in life. 

Julius Wambua, a man framed for defiling his daughter has been awarded goodies to help him start over in life following his release from prison.

After expressing that he has no means to start afresh in life, well-wishers have rallied together to offer a two-acre piece of land, a motorbike, and other goodies.

The land was given by former Kibwezi MP Kalembe Ndile who also offered to build him a house. Another well-wisher, Tom Musau offered him a brand new motorbike.

Wambua, who stayed behind bars for nearly eight years was released after his daughter Dorcas recanted the evidence leading to his release last week.

Wambua after receiving the goodies revealed that he has forgiven the woman who framed him even as he embarks on a new chapter of life.

His release came after, Justice George Odunga quashed the ruling of the Kithimani magistrate Court and the subsequent proceedings at the High court.

Odunga ordered for a retrial if the Director of Public Prosecutions finds it viable considering the amount of public interest the case has generated.

Odunga released Wambua on a cash bail of 30,000 shillings and an alternative bond of 200,000 shillings with a surety of a similar amount pending retrial.

The ruling was a culmination of events that began in 2019 after his accuser confessed to having framed her father under instructions from the mother.