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President William Ruto on Monday warned Azimio la Umoja financiers against evading tax. 

Lawyer Danstan Omari has warned President William Ruto against going after his predecessor Uhuru Kenyatta.

Speaking on Wednesday, February 1 during an interview on NTV, Omari claimed that Ruto will commit a blunder if he drags the former Head of State to Court over tax evasion.

Omari argued that Uhuru and Raila have huge networks globally which President William Ruto is yet to make.

“We have a new regime that wants either to drag Uhuru Kenyatta to court, as lawyers we will make money to defend Uhuru in court but what will be the impact? The retired president has a lot of force globally. We are looking at two serious international figures Raila Odinga combined with Uhuru Kenyatta globally they control eighty percent of the networks while William Ruto is a local president with a local cabinet,” Omari stated.

File image of President William Ruto

His remarks come days after President Ruto warned Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance financiers against evading tax.

“We cannot continue to operate in a space where those in power exempt themselves from paying taxes using all manner of instruments while those who do not have as much power pay tax. The good people who are used to exempting themselves from paying tax their day is up and every citizen must pay tax.

“It doesn’t matter even if they sponsor demonstrations so that they don’t pay tax, I want to promise them they will pay tax. No more exemptions, this country is not an animal farm where some are more equal than the others, “Ruto said on Monday, January 30 during the National Assembly Post Election Seminar in Mombasa.