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Babu Owino claims that DCI cars have been patrolling around his home.

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino now claims there is a plan to arrest him over the death of former Embakasi returning officer Daniel Musyoka.

Speaking on Saturday, February 4, the lawmaker claimed to have been called by the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) last week to report to the Embakasi police station.

“A day before the Jacaranda rally, I was called by DCI at Embakasi police station then they informed me that I should go and record a statement about the death of the former returning officer Daniel Musyoka,” said Babu.

File image of Babu Owino

The legislator went on to claim that the police officers would arrest him anytime next week over the matter.

 “I was informed by one of the officers that you know we are being told that next week anytime you will be arrested,” Babu Owino stated. 

The second-term ODM MP further alleged that DCI cars have been patrolling around his home.

“I passed by my home where I stay I saw some two Subarus moving around there but I want to ask Ruto and Rigathi they said very well that they will not use police officers for political reasons, why are they using them?” Babu Owino posed.