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He joins the list of top journalists who have quit the media to join civil service. 

After months of Kenyans missing to hear his voice, it is now emerging that renowned Citizen TV Journalist Sam Ogina left the station.

Ogina, who was a bit shy in doing piece to camera in his stories, is said to have left the Royal Media-owned TV station to join the Parliamentary Service Commission.

Ogina reportedly quit the media towards the end of 2022. 

The journalist who covering majorly political events is said to be now attached at the office of National Assembly Majority Leader.

His specific role is yet to be known however.
Former Citizen TV Journalist Sam Ogina. PHOTO | COURTESY

Ogina started his journalism journey at KTN News before he was poached by Royal Media Services.

He is an alumnus of Daystar University.

Ogina's farewell party was held alongside that of award winning political editor Francis Gachuri.

Gachuri was last week appointed Spokesperson and Head of communications in the office of Interior Cabinet Secretary.

Gachuri appointment saw him bid the station goodbye during the News Gang show last week. 

He however left the station officially on Sunday after hosting his final show Kiririmbi at Inooro TV.

Many journalists who have dominated media industry have lately quit to join the government.

The prospects of earning a pension has perhaps attracted many to go for government jobs.