Editor's Review

The Azimio La Umoja coalition is expected to hold a mass protest on Monday, March 20.

Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Alliance will hold a press conference on Friday to issue an update on Monday, March 20, demos across, ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna has said. 

Sifuna who was speaking to Citizen TV on Thursday said they will be giving directions to their supporter ahead of Monday's demonstration. 

The update will entail how the Monday demo will be conducted.

"We will be giving a media briefing tomorrow (Friday) as the leadership of Nairobi on the preparations for the 20th. We want to assure people that they can rest easy because we understand protest soo well and we will ensure that it is carried out within the law," he said.

ODM leader Raila Odinga addressing a public baraza rally ahead of Monday demos.

"We went to court to get guidelines on how to exercise the rights under article 27. We have the blueprint on how to successfully undertake maandamano and that is what we are going to implement," he said.

According to the ODM SG, they will issue a communique to the state on how the demos will be conducted.

He said they write to the police and Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja stating clearly how they intend to carry out their protests.

"We will write to the head of traffic in Nairobi to inform him which roads are going to be affected," said Sifuna.

"We will write to the governor, I have told him that we will receive visitors with dignity and he should not embarrass us. We want clean public toilets so that people can use them, running water in Nairobi and ambulances because somebody can faint of exhaustion."