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Murega Baichu was among the few county gentlemen who honoured Rachel Ruto's breakfast invite.

Meru governor Kawira Mwangaza has hailed her husband Murega Baichu for gracing the county first spouses meeting at State House Nairobi.

Baichu was among the three first-gentlemen who attended the meeting by virtue of being husbands to women governors.

Taking to Facebook, Mwangaza took pride in her husband to whom she wrote sweet words manifesting affection.

"Mtu wangu wa guitar. nakupenda bure," she wrote.

Her message attracted massive reactions from Kenyans who admired the seemingly unending affection she got for her spouse.

During the breakfast meeting, the first lady acknowledged the importance of partnership with the county first spouses in enhancing cooperation with the object uniting the country in all the relevant sectors.

"Our partnership with county First Spouses will encourage cooperation, synergy, and a shared vision towards stronger communities and a united country. Let us amplify our impact through collective action," she said.

Meru county first gentleman Murega Baichu.

A few weeks back, Mwangaza appointed her husband to lead cancer awareness campaign in the County.

Speaking during a fundraising dinner to support the Mt Kenya Mountain Running championship, Mwangaza said she made the appointment because men are also prone to cancer.

She said the disease had become thorny issue in the county hence the need to intensify effort to support the affected people.

“I asked the first gentleman to join us because even men can have cancer,” Mwangaza said during the event.

“My administration is committed to improving the health and well-being of our citizens, and we made a promise to invest in research and treatment for cancer.

Through this, we were able to make progress towards fulfilling that promise and providing critical support for those affected by cancer."

Baichu accepted the appointment and pledged to leverage his art to sensitive the residents of Meru County about cancer.