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David Ndii implied that building classrooms for Kenyan learners was unnecessary as they won't campaign in the next elections.

Economist David Ndii has come under fire after suggesting that educational infrastructure is not a Kenya Kwanza government priority.

Ndii who chairs the President's Council of Economic Advisors was defending nomination of the 50 Chief Administrative Secretaries (CASs).

According to him, the cumulative payroll of the 50 state officers won't tilt the current wage bill that is already taking a considerable chunk of the taxpayer's money.

"For the record, the payroll of 50 CASs (Sh 450m) is 0.075% of the national government wage bill (Sh600b) less than 1/1000th," he tweeted.

However, a Kenyan argued that it would be rational if the Sh 450 million is channelled to other reasonable causes like building classes for the Junior Secondary Schools (JSS).

"And you have balls to put it as if it's nothing. Imagine Sh 450 million can build 4,600 JSS classes," he said.

Ndii's response to the above tweet did not sit well with a majority of Kenyans who argued the government was being insensitive to pertinent issues that ought to be looked into.

Economist David Ndii.

He said building classrooms was worthless as they would not campaign in the oncoming elections.

"And the classrooms will campaign for us next elections?" posed Ndii.

Below are some of the reactions from Kenyans;