Editor's Review

Kabando Wa Kabando wondered why President William and ODM leader Raila Odinga call each other names instead of meeting for a dialogue.

Former Mukurweini MP Kabando Wa Kabando has given counsel to President William Ruto and his longtime political arch-rival Raila Odinga on how they should end their rivalry.

He faulted the two politicians of playing gimmicks on their supporters through horrible name-calling.

Kabando observed that while away from Raila's perceived backyard (s), Ruto calls him ridiculous names; but when the president is in, say Nyanza, he refers to Raila with fond names.

The president is shunning statesmanship by acting like that, Kabando argued.

On Raila, Kabando faulted him for calling Ruto a thief yet he was part of former president Uhuru Kenyatta's government where wanton graft and looting were witnessed.


"Raila should stop calling Ruto a thief, because he lost any moral authority to accuse Ruto when himself sanitized, defended Uhuru's #pandorapapers #NYS #GalanaKulalu #GraftSuspects #MwoshoMoja and is still conflicted on Uhuru CSs' loot spree," said Kabando.

The former Nyeri senatorial aspirant said it would be tenable if the two leaders shelved their differences and purpose to work together.

"Ruto and Raila should embrace issue-laden inclusive national dialogue #StateCapture Commission of Enquiry re: Agenda4 #tjrc. Only then shall the duo's 'overt hate' 'covert deals' be replaced by PUBLIC welfare spirited agenda. Ruto's 2027 + Raila's 'Servers' crusades wasteful, stale," he said.