Editor's Review

"Today, they sent goons to invade Uhuru Kenyatta's land, and my company spectre," Odinga. 

ODM Leader Raila Odinga has broken his silence after unknown people invaded his company East Africa Spectre Limited and Kenyatta's Northland City in Ruiru, Kiambu County. 

Speaking in Kibra, on Monday, March 27, Odinga said that those who hired goons to invade their properties were cowards. 

"Today, they sent goons to invade former President Uhuru Kenyatta's land, and my company spectre, those are foolish acts. The constitution allows Kenyans to hold peaceful protests. Those who are hiring goons to invade properties are cowards," Odinga stated. 

The former Premier affirmed that they would not be intimated by those hiring people to destroy their property adding that they would continue with their journey undeterred. 

Unknown individuals looting property from Kenyatta's farm. 

A group of unknown individuals on Monday, March 27 invaded Kenyatta's Northland along Easter Bypass. The individuals cut down trees and stole livestock. 

At the same time, another group invaded Odinga’s East Africa Spectre Limited company along Mombasa road and destroyed property of unknown value. 

A section of Kenya Kwanza politicians has been accusing former President Kenyatta of bankrolling the Azimio demos being led by Raila Odinga.