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“We need to move away from the widows just borrowing and relying on help from others," Pastor Dorcas. 

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi says she is committed to the formation of national widows Sacco that will help women access funds to develop their lives. 

Speaking on Saturday, April 1,  Loitoktok Kajiado County when she met widows’ groups under Osigili Nkoliaei from Kajiado South, Pastor Dorcas said her office will work towards getting grants to help the Sacco in funding widows' empowerment activities.

Under her patronage, she mentioned that the Sacco would have 47 chapters across the country to help them form cooperatives that will not only help them own lands but also own houses.

“We need to move away from the widows just borrowing and relying on help from others but owning their lands and houses through such a Sacco," Dorcas stated. 

Pastor Dorcas also called on the women to help her achieve her agenda in saving the boy child by helping the government in the fight against drugs in their areas by rooting out those in the drugs business.

“We cannot have our boys dying every day because people are giving them poison and we know who are making those poison, and who are people who are supposed to help the widows and the society but we are shielding them to thrive in our society, “She said.

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi in Kajiado County. 

Dorcas expressed concerns over the increased number of boys in the streets adding that her office is working on a rehabilitation programme of the boys.

Kajiado County Commissioner Felix Watakila said some parts of the county are still experiencing FGM.

On LGBTQ Pastor Dorcas emphasized her position saying that the country will not be pushed by western cultures and bend its culture, laws and beliefs.

“On LGBTQ, we are not apologizing, we have our stand known. They (Foreigners) can continue with their culture and we continue with ours but they should respect ours. When we go to their countries we also respect their culture and therefore they should also respect our culture," she said.