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Shaffie worked at Radio Africa for 18 years earning Sh 682, 500 per month.

Celebrated radio Journalist Shaffie Weru has issued an update on the status of his case with Radio Africa where he is demanding Sh21 million as a send-off package after being sacked. 

In an interview with NTV's trend show, Shaffie Weru revealed that he is negotiating with Radio Africa on how he will be paid. 

He said the court advised them to work on modalities of solving the matter out of court.

"I am still in court. The court had asked us to try and resolve the issues out of court. My lawyer has written to the team. The current General Manage Martin Khafafa is a very dope guy who I worked with for 17 years giving me the opportunity that has made me who I am. They are in conversation. I am just waiting for them to give me a cheque," he said.

Shaffie Weru said once he receives the cash, he will sort out a lot of debts that accrued as a result of being laid off.

He said the sacking affected him so much since there are times he lacked money.

Shaffie Weru.

"I was raised better. There are time ilikua noma. Ilikua noma tena sana and I thank God because I did not get to a point where I had to move them from school and change them to another because the school fees for my kids are very expensive," he said. 

"I did not have to move them from the house that they live in. Ilikua noma but I had good  around me who gave me jobs and pushed me to do this or that to get money."

Shaffie worked at Radio Africa for 18 years earning Sh 682, 500 per month.

He is demanding to be paid his 1 monthly salary amounting to Sh682, 500 for being dismissed without notice.

Plus 12 months’ salary for the unfair termination (12x 682, 500), totalling Sh8, 190, 000. In addition to that is a gratuity amounting to 12, 285, 000 (one month for every year of service) for the 18 years he worked at Radio Africa.