Editor's Review

David Ndii - the Hustler Fund will be a big scandal, the fertiliser subsidy scheme will be a big scandal.

Economist David Ndii has come out to defend the housing levy that President William Ruto insists will be imposed on salaried Kenyans.

Civil servants will contribute 3% of their monthly salaries to the Housing Fund.

Responding to a newspaper column that had criticised the government program, Ndii appeared to imply that all the other initiatives had failed.

In his tweet, the economist and chairperson of the Presidential Council of Economic Advisers appeared to indirectly suggest that just like the Hustler Fund and fertiliser subsidy programs had succeeded, the housing one would be a success too.

"The Hustler Fund will be a big scandal, the fertilizer subsidy scheme will be a big scandal, the Petroleum G-to-G will be the mother of all scandal," he tweeted.

Economist David Ndii.

Ndii's tweet divided opinions, a section reasoning with him as others dissented.

In the plan, Ruto said, the civil servants will be able to purchase the units built under the Affordable House program.

The president clarified that the levy is not tax.

Those contributing would be able to claim the houses after ten or 15 years.

The proposal has not sat well with a majority of Kenyans who argue the levy was burdening them in light of new taxes introduced by the government.