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David Sankori's first wife died in 2021.

Former Kajiado Central MP David Sankori has reclaimed his spot in the marriage sphere.

The one-time lawmaker's wife named Susan died in 2021 and he has since then been a widower.

David Sankori with his new wife.

Sankori, aged 80, married his new wife in a ceremony graced by locals and leaders from the larger county, among them Governor Joseph Ole Lenku.

The bride, identified as Martha Ntoipo, is of the Tanzanian descent.

She hails from Longido, a locality of the Maasai natives who reside in the Kenya's southern neighbour.

The wedding took place in Kajiado East.

Ole Lenku honoured Sankori for the milestone, wishing him lack in his new marriage.

The nuptials took place on Saturday, May 20, in Isara, Kajiado East.

"Congratulations, the newest couple in Kajiado...We are happy Hon.Sankori (of the respected Iseuri age group) now has a love companion.

Governor Joseph Ole Lenku was among the guests gracing Sankori's big day.

It was exciting to join thousands of well wishers to set off the new couple for their new life. I wish the couple God's blessings, understanding and peace in all their endevours as they navigate their marital journey," said Ole Lenku.

Sankori represented the Kajiado Central constituency for ten years; between 1992 and 2002.