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Itumbu has now given NMG 48 hours to heed his demands or he moves to court to pursue justice.

Cabinet Administrative Secretary for ICT Dennis Itumbi has written a demand letter to the Nation Media Group over a headline published on its Taifa Leo and Daily Nation publications regarding CAS posts.

Through Adrian Komotho Njenga and Co. Advocates, Itumbi raised concerns over a story dubbed "Mibabe ya Ukaidi" published on Taifa Leo which had the image of Itumbi among the CASs listed as those who have resumed work despite the existence of a court order barring the same.

At the same time, he also raised concern over the Daily Nation story dubbed "Impunity of CASs at work despite court order" which also detailed how the CASs have defied the court order to assume office.

Nation Media Group headquarters. PHOTO | FILE

According to Itumbi, the two stories are defamatory in nature and are not factual as presented by the two publications.

"Our client's profile, which he has laboured so hard to build and sustain has been gravely tarnished," Itumbi's lawyer said in the letter to NMG.

As such, Itumbi now wants NMG to immediately retract all the statements he termed as false published by NMG which imply or state directly or indirectly any derogation of his character and reputation.

The CAS also wants NMG to issue an unequivocal apology to our client with the same prominence as the offending publications.

Itumbi has also demanded a commitment from the NMG that it will forever desist from further defamation publication of falsehoods in relation to him.

He has now asked NMG to admit liability and settlement of damages as shall be ascertained by his team upon satisfaction of the aforementioned three demands.

Itumbu has now given NMG 48 hours to heed his demands or he moves to court to pursue justice.

The CASs were blocked from starting office after a case challenging their appointment was filed in court.