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Ngunyi had claimed that he is working behind the scenes to reunite President Ruto and his predecessor Uhuru.

Lawyer Miguna Miguna has told off Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi over a statement that he is planning to reconcile Former President Uhuru Kenyatta and his successor William Ruto. 

Miguna in a statement on Twitter told Ngunyi it is too late to do so considering that he had time to do so when Uhuru was serving as President and Ngunyi as one of his advisors.

"Isn’t this too little too late, Mr ⁦Mutahi Ngunyi⁩? When you were supposed to do that was in 2017 before despot Uhuru Kenyatta became an existential threat to Kenya, Constitution, and democracy, Miguna stated in a tweet.

"You are supposed to face charges of theft."

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi. PHOTO | COURTESY

The reaction came after Ngunyi said he was working behind the scene to reunite Uhuru and Ruto.

The analyst said easing the tension in the relationship between Ruto and Uhuru will be good for the country.

"I am trying to reconcile Uhuru and Ruto from the back. I think it is good for the country. Especially after Uhuru speech in Abuja, where he came through as a Mediator and statesman," he said.

Uhuru had delivered a message of peace in Nigeria during a lecture on Sunday, a day before the swearing-in of President Bola Tinubu who took office Monday.

At the peak of his fallout with Ruto, Ngunyi was among the men and women who are believed to have influenced key decision-making in the Uhuru camp.