Editor's Review

"The best thing I did was not to run away from them but just think bigger picture about Kenya."

Nominated MP Sabina Chege has asked the Azimio leadership to accept that they lost the election and the new leadership is already in place.

Speaking during the National Prayer Breakfast meeting on Wednesday, Chege said it is time for the country to move forward by accepting the will of God.

She said the Azimio team ought to work with the current regime for the betterment of the country and its people.

" Some of us in Azimio have chosen the path of reconciliation. I want to ask others to accept God's will. It is important we accept the will of God and support the government of the day, not for ourselves but for the betterment of Kenya," she said.

The National Prayer Breakfast meeting.

The remarks come a day after the Azimio coalition announced they will not be a party to this year's National Prayer Breakfast.

Chege went on to explain why she opted to work with the Kenya Kwanza government citing a Swahili saying that "one who does not accept defeat is not a worthy competitor".

On her looming removal as a deputy Minority whip at the National Assembly Chege asked the speaker Moses Wetang'ula to help through the challenge.

She went on to say she has done nothing wrong to warrant her removal adding what she did was think about Kenya first.

"The best thing I did was not to run away from them but just think bigger picture about Kenya. As they plan to remove me as Deputy minority whip Mr Speaker, I hope that you look at me with a better eye," she said.

"There is nothing wrong I have done. The only thing I have done is to think about Kenya first and not myself. Hopefully Kenya is going to rise."