Editor's Review

Police lobbed teargas to disrupt the rivalling factions.

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party's delegates conference in Mombasa on Saturday, June 24 ended prematurely after a misunderstanding. 

Two rival factions behind Nyali MP Mohammed Ali and former Mombasa senator Hassan Omar took on each other calling for the intervention of the law enforcement agents.

Ali accused Omar, who is the ruling party's national vice chairman, of masterminding sabotage against his side.

The vocal MP alleged Omar was leveraging his post to pursue his interests. 

He said the former senator who currently seats in the Arusha-based EALA holds the position on interim basis and would soon be weeded out after the oncoming party polls in August.

UDA Party delegates during the meeting in Mombasa.

Besides the delegates conference, UDA had planned to undertake massive grassroots party recruitment.

Infighting has been commonplace in the ruling party months since its leader took over the country's leadership.

Recently, Githunguri Member of Parliament Gathoni Wamuchomba called out the regime for sidelining female leaders.

In a statement via Twitter on Wednesday, June 21, Wamuchomba whi was elected on a UDA ticket claimed that she was denied the chance to walk with President William Ruto and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua during the Githunguri Dairy Cooperative Society field day on Saturday last week.

“The male shadow in politics in Kenya is growing thicker! I can't breath in my own constituency as Elected woman Mp ......not even the Women Rep can appear in an official presidential visit,” Wamuchomba stated.

Wamuchomba has been on the spot in recent days after she voted against the Finance Bill 2023 during the second reading in the National Assembly last week.

President Ruto on Saturday criticized the UDA MP for going against Kenya Kwanza's stand and asked her Githunguri constituents if they were also against the Bill.

“Wabunge wote wamepiga kura, kusema wacha tupange ajira ya hawa vijana…. mpaka wabunge wa upinzani wamekubali kwamba hii mpango yetu iko sawa, si tuendelee na hiyo mpango? Naskia ati nyinyi watu wa Githunguri mnasema hamtaki mambo ya housing? Hawa vijana wengi barabarani nitatoa wapi kazi ya kuwapatia, si ni lazima nipange housing? ” Ruto posed.