Editor's Review

"If you wield power, never threaten anything you are either unable or unwilling to do."

Lawyer Miguna Miguna has asked Interior CS Kithure Kindiki to make good his threat of arresting the planners and financiers of violent protests across the country.

Miguna warned Kindiki that as a leader who is occupying the powerful office, he should never threaten anything.

Miguna warns that his work should be about action adding that if fails to make the arrest of ODM leader Raila Odinga, he will become a joke.

"If you wield power, never threaten anything you are either unable or unwilling to do. If you fail to carry out your latest threat, you will become the butt of Kenya’s national Jokes," Miguna tweeted.

FILE IMAGE of Lawyer Miguna Miguna.

Kindiki on Wednesday fingered Raila for the massive destructions that happened in the country.

"The authors of today’s orgy of violence and destruction took a cue from a small group of former and current politicians coalescing around Mr. Raila Odinga, whose association with violent politics in Kenya is now legendary," he said.

"From the 1982 attempted coup-de-tat to the 2007/08 post-election violence, this same politician and his collaborators, then and now, are associated with risky politics that has occasionally plunged our Country into near destruction."

He warned that all those who planned and finance the demos will be arrested and arraigned to face the law.

"The Government has tonight mobilised all the law enforcement agencies of the State and the institutions of our country’s criminal justice system to conclude investigations urgently and proceed to the arrest and prosecution of all those involved in the planning and execution of the crimes committed today, including those who funded or otherwise aided or abetted the offenders," Kindiki said.