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Malala said the ANC top brass leadership comes from one clan and does not represent the face of the nation. 

UDA Secretary General Cleophas Malala has chided ANC party describing it as a village party.

He say the outfit does not fit the bill as far as producing a presidential candidate is concerned. 

Malala who was speaking in Vihiga county on Friday said the party's top officials come from one community. 

He, without mentioning names, said they will be selling lies if they claim they will be seeking the presidency with such kind of leadership. 

"Sitaki kutaja jina lakini Kuna Chama hapa, party leader clan moja, Secretary General clan moja, woman leader clan moja. Sasa biashara gani hiyo mnaenda kudanganyana mnaenda kuwa President," Malala said in apparent reference to ANC party.

The UDA SG was in Vihiga to receive defectors from the ANC party. They were joining UDA party.

Prime CS Musalia Mudavadi. PHOTO | FILe

Malala resigned from ANC party to take up UDA Secretary General role. 

ANC party was founded by prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi who resigned as party leader to take up the cabinet post.

He is however said to be the one still calling the shots at the party.

The party's Secretary General Omboko Milemba comes from Vihiga County and Woman Rep Beatrice Adagala is also from Vihiga.

Mudavadi has been positioning himself as a potential candidate to take over the presidency 2032. 

Here are some of the reactions from Kenyans on Twitter :

Lloyd Onyango

Malala is simply saying Musalia Mudavadi is a Vihiga village elder who deserves nyumba kumi headship and not the presidency. Gabriel Oguda says we shall be there no matter what to witness the elusive Luhya unity realized in heaven when Zakayo sends us there in chariots!

The Peasant Farmer

Malala was in charge of programme for president's tour in Western, he scheduled it to begin on a day when Mudavadi's daughter was getting married. Mudavadi tried to plead with him to reschedule but he refused. Mudavadi missed the ceremony of his daughter to attend president's tour.

Ngui wa Nzuve

Mudavadi to Malala: “Naskia mnapeana mambo matatu, mimi nitakupea moja na unaijua”

Kimutai KB

These Mulembe sons will never learn nor come of age politically, they will never deliver presidency to their people.

Dansam Ouma

Oya Musalia Mudavadi this Omondi boy means you are a village leader?


Malala is now doing what he was assigned to do by Gachagua