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Njenga was allegedly abducted on Saturday night in the Banana area in Kiambu County. 

Former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga has been released by his alleged abductors. 

The Former sect leader turned politician was set free on Sunday evening after the Azimio La Umoja coalition piled pressure on security agencies over his whereabouts.  

His Lawyer Ndegwa Njiru took to Twitter to confirm his release.

He blamed the police for his abduction.

"Client Maina Njenga finally Released by the rogue police hit squad after our press conference," Ndegwa said.

His brother Njoroge Kamunya also confirmed Njenga is finally free. 

“We will meet in court for the case that we have. He is okay for now though traumatised,” he said.

Njenga was allegedly abducted on Saturday night in the Banana area in Kiambu County. The motive of the incident is not yet known and security agencies are yet to comment on the matter.

His family and Azimio coalition claimed the politician was taken away by police officers. 

File Image of Maina Njenga in court.

"The abductors were driving Subarus, armed, and hooded. It is highly likely that they were part of the Special Support Unit, known for terrorizing Kenyans during the anti-tax protests. The SSU is evidently still active and determined to intimidate and harm Kenyans," Azimio said. 

"Even more alarming is that Mr Maina Njenga appears to be a particular target of such arrests and harassment. Kenyans need to understand that Maina is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow for a pre-trial, and this arrest is clearly an attempt to interfere with that scheduled pre-trial."

The coalition added that Maina’s abduction is also part of the ongoing targeting and intimidation of opposition leaders by Kenya Kwanza.

"It is a deliberate attempt to distract Kenyans from pressing issues such as the rising cost of fuel and food."

Maina Njenga is expected in court Monday, September 18 for the trial of his case in which he is charged with playing a role in anti-government protests.