Editor's Review

The Narok senator had hinted at meeting President Ruto for coffee.

Narok senator Ledama Olekina has dismissed any chances of him ditching the Raila Odinga-led Azimio La Umoja coalition for President William Ruto's Kenya Kwanza.- 

The lawmaker, while counselling Ruto on how to tackle the corruption menace in the National Police Service (NPS), implied he would want to meet the president.

Ledama observed that corruption had deeply infiltrated the service and was time for the president to intervene.

He suggested measures like good remuneration for the officers, house allowances, and health care to deter them from soliciting bribes.

File photo of Narok senator Ledama Olekina.

If the president undertook the suggestions, Ledama offered to meet him for coffee.

"If you want to end corruption in Kenya William Ruto fund the National Police Service (NPS) and the judiciary well. Pay them well to arrest some of your friends who are the chief agents of corruption. Each police officer should be paid a minimum of Sh 150,000 net. Provide them with 100% health care and housing allowances. If you do this, I will have coffee with you," he said.

The senator's statement however raised eyebrows among some quarters who interpreted the coffee offer as overtures made to the president.

The political seers suspected the lawmaker could be warming up for a political move, with Kenya Kwanza being his likely stop.

"Honourable sir, don't shift camp you are our Ntimama, the Maasai kingpin," said Arigi Arnold, a Twitter user.

Ledama would allay the fears insisting he is still in Raila's fold.

His response to Arigi's concern was; "Never."