Editor's Review

The president embarked on another travel to Congo moments after announcing cutting travel expenses for government officials.

Economist David Ndii has stressed the significance of President William Ruto's numerous visits outside the country. 

This was after a section of Kenyans questioned the interval and frequency of the president's presumed official trips beyond the Kenyan borders. 

This was in the wake of his latest visit to Congo-Brazzaville, days after landing back from China. 

Ruto is in Congo for the Summit of the Three Basins climate change conference. 

Explaining the essentiality of Ruto's recent travel, Ndii, who chairs the Presidential Council of Economic Advisors, suggested the trips are strategic and of importance to the country. 

Contrary to the arguments from Kenyans that the trips are non-essential, the economist sought to absolve the president.

File image of economist David Ndii.

In the case of Brazzaville, Ndii said Ruto is there in his capacity as the chair of the African Union climate change mitigation efforts.

"Kenya is the Chair of the AU’s Committee of African Heads of State on Climate Change(CAHOSCC)," Ndii posted on Twitter.

Moments before flying to Congo, Ruto had announced the reduction of the travel budget by Sh11 billion.

Speaking after opening the Voi Gemstone Value Addition and Marketing Centre, in Taita Taveta County on Friday, Ruto said the move was part of cost-cutting measures. 

" I saw that the media saying I reduced the budget by Sh500 million. No, it is not 500 million but I have reduced by Sh11 billion for those going on those trips," Ruto said.

“I will knock off a few things in my budget again including my travel allowances so that I can find Sh500 million. The money will be used to start a factory that will manufacture local devices that will assist learners with special needs."

He said the reduction affects the Executive, Judiciary and the legislature.