Editor's Review

"Things are taking a wrong trajectory, I'm raising my voice, wananchi are suffering." 

Kimilili Member of Parliament Didmus Barasa, who was elected on a UDA ticket, now says that the country is heading in the wrong direction. 

In a statement via Facebook on Wednesday night, Didmus castigated the rapid increase in charges for Kenyans who want new Identity Cards and replace lost ones. 

The Legislator termed the move retrogressive adding that 'people get dishonest in the presence of power and Money.' 

The Kimilili MP seemed to suggest that a section of leaders in government were drunk with power and forgot the promises they had made to Kenyans. 

"Things are taking a wrong trajectory, I'm raising my voice, wananchi are suffering. The Government must listen. A marriage certificate for example has cruised from 30k to 100k! Are we for real? Why oppress citizens? he posed. 

File image of Interior CS Kithure Kindiki.

According to a special gazette notice issued by Interior CS Kithure Kindiki replacing an ID will now cost Ksh 2000, up from Ksh 100, while those applying for an ID for the first time will now pay Ksh 1000, which was previously free.

The fee for changing ID details has been maintained at Ksh 1000 while the fee for identification reports has been increased from Ksh 300 to Ksh 1000. 

Obtaining a birth certificate and death certificate will now cost you Ksh 200 respectively up from Ksh 50.

The government has also increased the fee for a standard 34-page passport from Ksh 4500 to Ksh 7500 and for a standard 50-page passport from Ksh 6000 to Ksh 9000.