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“The Kenyan government did not sign any contract with Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates (UAE)," Raila Odinga. 

President William Ruto has responded to ODM leader Raila Odinga following his dossier on the government-to-government oil deal signed by Kenya.   

Speaking on Friday, November 17, the Head of State maintained that the oil deal was conducted openly and transparently adding that it was necessary to ease the pressure on the Dollar.

"The International oil companies sell fuel directly to oil marketers in Kenya, the Government of Kenya is not a broker, the entire process is private sector driven. Our business as a government is to underwrite that this transaction will not go haywire," Ruto remarked.

The President affirmed that he was committed to running a transparent and accountable Government devoid of scandals.

 “I want to assure them [the Opposition] that the fishing they are doing for a scandal in this administration, they are not about to succeed,” he said. 

The President mentioned that the Government would not use its foreign currency reserves to prop up the value of the Kenyan Shilling against the dollar. 

On Thursday, Odinga claimed that there was no government-to-government oil deal between Kenya and Gulf countries.

The former Prime Minister said only Energy Cabinet Secretary Davis Chirchir signed a deal with oil marketing companies in the gulf.

“The Kenyan government did not sign any contract with Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates (UAE) only the Cabinet Secretary for Energy and Petroleum signed a deal with state-owned petroleum companies in the Middle East,” said Raila. 

Odinga alleged that the government characterized the deal as government-to-government to shield three Kenyan companies (Galana Oil, Gulf Energy, and Oryx Kenya Limited) from paying corporate tax.

“We now know the characterization of the deal as G to G was meant to shield three Kenyan companies from paying corporate tax,” the ODM chief stated. 

File image of Azimio Leader Raila Odinga. 

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The ODM Leader went on to claim that fuel prices have been inflated by 59 percent and forced Uganda to opt to use the Tanzanian central corridor over Kenya.

"The volume it ferries via Kenya Pipeline has dropped to 52 percent, from 70 percent. So, other than making petroleum products ever more costly, the deal is going to kill the Kenya Pipeline Company as soon as this year," Raila continued.