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  • LSK President NelsonĀ Havi claimed that Sifuna threatened his life during Monday's LSK SGM that was marred with chaos.
  • The meeting was postponed after chaos broke out.

Law Society of Kenya President Nelson Havi says he will be lodging a formal complaint against ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna.

On Tuesday, January 19, 2021, Havi claimed that Sifuna threatened his life during Monday's LSK SGM that was marred with chaos.

"The @TheODMparty Secretary-General @edwinsifuna came to disrupt the SGM as is his habit. I will move a motion at the AGM for him to perform community service by slashing grass at Gitanga Road for three weeks." Havi said.

"I will be submitting a formal complaint to the @IG_NPS, @NPSOfficial_KE and @DCI_Kenya on the offence threat to murder made against me yesterday by @TheODMparty Secretary General Edwin Sifuna. Should my life be endangered, you know the culprit and his principals," he continued.

The LSK Special General Meeting (SGM) was disrupted by members over Havi's proclamation that firm Parker Randall will be hired to audit the institution's books.

Disrupted meeting

This comes in the backdrop of a financial crisis at the LSK as it grapples with an Sh186 million tax bill. LSK risks losing a prime piece of land in Nairobi and more millions to corruption perpetrated by staffers colluding with lawyers.

An internal audit revealed that the society revealed inflated pricing of items bought by the society.

Further supporting documents for some expenditure could not be traced, making it difficult to determine whether LSK got value for money in some of the big deals made in recent years.

Internal auditors began investigating how the lobby was spending the millions it collects from lawyers every year after members raised questions.

In January 2021, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) hit the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) with a Ksh186 million tax bill resulting from its alleged failure to remit taxes in previous years.