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The deceased developed complications in the seclusion camps.

Five boys succumbed after circumcision complications in Elgeyo Marakwet.

The reports were confirmed by the county's CEC for Health Michael Kibiwott, who revealed 28 other initiates had been rushed to various hospitals within the county for treatment.

Kibiwott also divulged that a girl who underwent FGM had also been admitted with excessive bleeding to the point she became anaemic.

According to the medics, the complications were led to by the conditions in which the initiates have been recuperating after the cut.
Elgeyo Marakwet Health CEC Michael Kibiwott.

Some of them were said to be exposed to extreme cold resulting in pneumonia attacks.

The caregivers in the seclusion camps were urged to ensure the conditions were hygienic.

“I am also appealing to those who circumcised the boys, most of them who are medics to make a point of visiting them in the camps to ensure that they are healing properly and that they are not exposed to unhygienic conditions,” Kibiwott said in a presser.

Following the deaths and admissions, the county charged the local administrators with visiting the seclusion camps to ensure that the initiates were being well taken care of.

Those with complications were counselled to seek medical assistance.

“I can assure them that they will be treated with respect, professionalism and utmost confidentiality and so they shouldn’t fear to seek treatment in any of our health facilities,” Kibiwott said.