Editor's Review

Kioni is among the Azimio politicians who have openly rejected the NADCO report. 

Embattled Jubilee Party Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni has told off Azimio la Umoja spokesperson Makau after he dared dissatisfied members to leave the Raila Odinga-led coalition.

Mutua in a statement on Sunday said the Azimio coalition is not a forced marriage and those opposing the NADCO report should leave.

"Azimio isn’t a forced marriage. Please leave if you can’t support the NADCO report which is the product of the party’s agreed democratic processes," Makau Mutua wrote on his X handle.

Kioni in a response told the academician they are not in the Azimio coalition under his invitation.

“Mwalimu, We are not in Azimio on your invitation!,” Kioni told Professor Mutua.

File photo of Prof Makau Mutua.

The Azimio spokesperson in a rejoinder said he will not take Kioni and the Kamwene Caucus seriously until they stage protests in the Mount Kenya region.

“I will take my brother Hon Kioni seriously when he and his Kamnwene siblings organize Maandamano in the Mountain,” Mutua remarked.

Kioni is among the Azimio politicians who have openly rejected the NADCO report, saying that it did not address key issues affecting Kenyans.

Narc Kenya party leader Martha Karua last week faulted the report terming it a distracting national smokescreen.

“The NADCO report has nothing to alleviate the suffering of citizens but it offers goodies to the leadership. This is totally unacceptable, it is a fraud upon Kenyans and it should be frowned upon and rejected. It is a distracting national smokescreen,” she said.

On November 29, Azimio leader Raila Odinga endorsed the NADCO recommendations describing the report as a good start.

The former Prime Minister pointed out that the opposition was able to get positive results from many issues they had set out.

However, Raila pointed out that the report was incomplete as it failed to address the high cost of living.