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Following the race, the photos of her wearing a bra and skirt only went viral on various social media platforms.

Tinderet Member of Parliament Julius Biwot has given life-changing deals to the mother of one who went viral participating in a mountain run wearing a bra and skirt.

The lady impressed during the race where she also ran barefoot, unlike other athletes who donned professional kits.

Following the race, her photos of her wearing a bra and skirt only went viral on various social media platforms prompting Biwot to appeal for public help in tracking her.

On Tuesday, the lawmaker traced the lady whom she identified as Milka Menjo.

"We finally located Mrs.Milka Menjo, a mother of one child age 1 year from Cherondo village- Soba Songhor Ward," Biwot stated.

Tinderet Mp Julius Biwot who a mother who went viral running in a bra and skirt. PHOTO | COURTESY

"Today I invited her and her husband Josphat to my home where I congratulated her for passionately participating in the 12Km category Senior women's race despite all the challenges," he added.

Following the meeting, the MP promised to build her a three-bedroom house and kickstart her athletic career.

Biwot also pledged to buy her cow and coffee seedlings to help the budding athlete support her young family and raise her economic status.

"Furthermore, I have committed to build them a 3 bedroomed house, buy them a cow and facilitate them with coffee seedlings improve their economic status," the MP stated.

"We will also continue supporting her passion for athletics," he vowed.