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The High Court on Friday barred the government from deploying police officers to Haiti.

The Government has announced it will appeal the High Court’s decision to block the deployment of police officers to Haiti.

In a statement on Friday, January 26, Government Spokesperson Issac Mwaura said the Kenya Kwanza government respects the rule of law but has made a decision to challenge the High Court verdict.

“The Government of Kenya takes note of the High court's ruling regarding the deployment of the Kenya police to help in the Multi-national Security Support (MSS) mission for the restoration of law and order in Haiti. While the government respects the rule of law, we have however made the decision to challenge the high court's verdict forthwith,” read the statement in part.

The Government Spokesperson noted that Kenya has an outstanding track record of contributing to peace keeping missions internationally in countries such as; South Sudan, Namibia, Croatia, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

“The government reiterates its commitment in honoring its international obligations as a member of the community and comity of nations,” Mwaura added.

File image of Issac Mwaura. 

The High Court on Friday barred the government from deploying police officers to Haiti.

Justice Chacha Mwita in his ruling said the National Security Council lacks authority to deploy police officers outside the country.

He also pointed out that Kenya does not have an arrangement with Haiti for police officers to be deployed.

“Article 240 does not mandate the Council to deploy police officers outside Kenya. Deployment should be as provided for in part 14 of the Act and only to a reciprocating country. It is not contested that there is no reciprocal arrangement between Kenya and Haiti and for that reason, there can be no deployment of police to that country,” Justice Mwita stated.

Kenya was set to deploy 1000 officers to the Caribbean nation starting February 2024.

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) in October last year approved Kenya to deploy officers to the gang ridden nation in a multi-national mission that includes troops from Bahamas Jamaica, Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda.