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The recovered gun is being analyzed by DCI's ballistic examiners.  

Police Officers in Kisumu have recovered an AK 47 riffle that was stolen from a Ugandan police officer who was violently attacked by a gang. 

In a statement on Wednesday, January 31, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations said the riffle was recovered in Nyalenda ward after police officers intercepted a suspicious Toyota Axio. 

The five occupants in the car flung the doors open and ran away abandoning the vehicle. 

‘’The rifle serial number UG POL 861314 09446 was recovered by Kasagam police officers who were on patrol duties at Nyalenda A ward, after they intercepted a suspicious Toyota Axio http://reg.no. KDL 301P whose 5 occupants immediately flang the doors open and scampered for safety, abandoning the vehicle,’’ read the statement in part.

File image of the DCI headquarters gate. 

The officers searched the car and recovered the stolen rifle, four mobile phones, and a homemade gun.

According to the DCI, the District Police Commander in Tororo, Uganda, Adam Kimuli confirmed the violent robbery incident involving his officer noting that some accomplices had already been arrested and charged before the Tororo District Court.

The DCI further noted that the recovered AK-47 riffle is being analyzed by ballistic examiners to obtain leads on the suspects who are on the run.

‘’Meanwhile, painstaking forensic analyses are being explored with the aim of obtaining crucial leads to the run-away suspects, and the vehicle detained for further processing,’’ DCI added.